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Caffe D'Vita Instant Caramel Cappuccino


Instant Caramel Cappuccino Nutrition Information

Kosher! The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations

1 lb. Resealable can
32 servings
$7.95 ea
instant cappuccino
1 Case (6 - 1 lb cans)
192 servings


instant caramel cappuccino
2 Cases (12 - 1 lb cans)
384 servings
3 Cases (18 - 1 lb cans)
576 servings
Single Serve Sleeve (Sachets)
24 servings
order 24 single serve packets
3 Single Serve Sleeves (Sachets)
72 servings
72 caramel envelopes

Gluten Free and 99% caffeine free!

Just 60 Calories! No Trans Fat, No Hydrogenated Oils & No Cholesterol!

Just add the mix to hot water and stir!  It's ready to drink!

Tastes great on ice or blended with ice.

Caffe D'Vita Cappuccinos are made with a rich blend of Columbian coffees for a phenomenal taste.

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Instant Cappuccino is delicious hot or blended with ice for a refreshing cup of cappuccino any time of the year!

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